so .. the last 2 weeks I haven’t really hung out or gone out as much as I had before. it is weird when you go out an insane amount and then suddenly stop. I like it.. the stopping.. it was so relaxing and so nice. I hung out with my mom and aunt/cousin.. and hung out with marcia a bunch.. and now I am needing to re-introduce myself into the “real” world. I really love going out.. but it requires so much maintenence. you have to keep up with so much. I think I am going to edit what I do. because I need to balance my worlds a bit more. now that I have three worlds.. I have my going out world… my work world.. my good friend world.. and my ner world… wait that is four worlds.. I was doing well with two or three.. but four.. wow.. too much.. heh. I imagine I will work it out.

hanging out with marcia rules. hehe. totally. I am smitten. hopefully things work out reasonably well in that situation. it is always tough hanging out with new people.. you can’t always predict how things will work or what the dynamics are in certain situations. I will probably soon know. girls with short short hair are cute.

Bec is leaving on monday. it is a real bummer. I am sure matiss is bummed. it sucks when people leave.. stupid people. hopefully we will hang out this weekend and have a really good time.

in other news.. my stress has led me to make drastic decisions in regards to my appearance. I now look like a frog. no really. I set up an appointment to finish up my tattoo.. which is super exciting. I am going to tomato tattoo on thrusday. hopefully it rules. I am ALWAYS scared of tattoos.. cuz they really hurt. I will bring a camera. I want to get good pictures. I love pictures. then.. a week from thursday - I am going to the hair place to dye my hair again. this time a bit more drastic. I love it. I have had a mohawk for so long now.

soon I will be a real boy. with a little hope and a lot of love.. I will get my yoyo’s today. i NEED them. NEEEEED!