remember to watch out. Bush is about to make a nomination to the supreme. The proposed “man” is William Pryor, a young attorney general from alabama who has some alarming views; most alarming is his stance on minority voting rights, disabled person rights, reproductive rights, and prisonors rights. he is cool enough to want the ten commandments posted at every courthouse. His reasoning for becoming a lawyer was to fight the ACLU. he is worse than super freedom fighter Justice Antonin Scalia. sad. yall should really visit and sign the petition. it seems to be a pretty good movement. and if we do get someone in the supreme court who is not anti-choice they will most liekely be someone who is pro-freedom and not pro-stupidity. meh. whatever.. ;)

check out these beatboxers.. heh. here is some videos, they are really good especially this one. download these mp3s. Rahzel is amazing. seriously. how in the world. wtf. it is crazed and insane.

not as insane as this or this.

what happened to the #LOST weblog. so sad. there goes half my day. :(