Last night I came home early and worked a bit. I was so tired though. I didn’t get much done. today however is a different story.. after getting off rather slowly I finally got on track and worked a bunch. I got a lot of the first part of my project done. it is still far from being completed - but.. it is right on track.. eek.. still it is a big project.

my headphones have been a total lifesaver. I was able to work outside without being as distracted. it is really fun. I can’t even hear my phone ring. or the firetrucks that go by. nothing.. but music. so nice. the best part is that you don’t have to crank the volume to have a good experience. I can have it softer and still feel like I am able to really hear the music. it is quite nice. I always used to laugh at the reviews where people claimed to hear more from recordings.. like “once I tried the shure e2c headphones I was able to hear parts of the recordings I hadn’t noticed before.” heh. but it is true. I noticed a lot of new stuff in cds I have had for years and almost worn out. I mean.. the quite things.. like the studio artifacts and little drum taps.. and all sorts of good stuff.. skinny puppy rules. but yea. I would say that the shur e2c headphones are my new favorite toy. my ipod is happy too. it gets used so much more. it will be interesting to see how the commute goes tomorrow.

i think I am gunna start smoking.. hahah.. just kidding.

i need to go make some food. and then finish this shit.. ahaha. maybe I will get it all done. that would be amazing. I doubt it will happen though. but yea never know. I am thinking of making spaghetti. my laptop battery is low. I will have to stop working. woe is me. I guess I coudl go into my hot/stuffy room.

stupid girls. why dont they come and find me.. they always leave me alone.. I guess maybe the “i will wait for the girls to come to me” philosophy of matiss’ may not be good for me. it seems so nice though. no maintenence. someday.. SOME DAY….. aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh