after work I went to the apple store opening. it was interesting. nothing like sitting outside in a line for 2 hours with a bunch of people who are waiting to get into a computer store. I took three rather poor pictures: 1-2-3. stupid lack of camera. I need to remember to grab my digicam before events like this. it isn’t like it is a cumbersome thing to carry around… I was able to arrive in time to get a shirt… however it was a large t-shirt.. which I am totally not into.. also - it is a mac shirt.. which I am also not really into .. so I gave it to a much more deserving person.

after the apple opening.. I went to another opening at the MCA. It was for the photographer Thomas Struth. He takes nice pictures ;). It was a nice opening. after the opening we hung out and talked with some interesting people.. who were all very surprised that I was corporate and not an artist. hehe. showed them a lesson. silly lessons.. one of the more intersting things that happened last night was this dance party that the MCA had in the back. It was some performance installation or whatever.. but it composed of two DJs in either corner of this largeish dancefloor area - people then check out these headsets and could listen to either DJ and dance and such. however.. the other patrons couldn’t hear the music. so it was insane. like a HUGE party where everyone is listening to music… and reacting ot it.. but you can’t hear it. It was quite something. i loved it. ;)
after that we then headed off to sushi. Which was a lot cheaper thatn I imagined it to be. and it was very very good. I had some really nice rolls and a couple of rather dope red snapper nigiri. w00t. haha. umm.. yea..

then we made it to vision(eek) for pier’s party. I don’t like vision much. heh. but it was a good party. and it was nice to see everyone.. even if I did suddenly disappear.

tonight I am going to a play. it should be nice. we shall see.. things are of course still like a weird dream in my life. I have a lot of work todo. and am doing it.. which is seriously cutting back from my fashion lifestyle which I love so much. but yea whatever. I need to do more work..haha.. and meet more girls.. wait.. I mean..