so for the past week or so I have been arrivign at work a lot earlier than I have in the past 2 years. I usaually arrive on time or about 15-30 minutes before 9. it is insane. cuz by 10, I am already like.. dang.. I have been here a long time. heh. whatever. .. so anyway. this morning. I arrived at work and lost my ability to use punctuation.. what the fuck. hehe. anyway. I really just arrived at work and suddenly had a really bad migraine. it sucked. I could see anything. all I could do was lie down. which isn’t necessarily kosher at work. so I sat at my cube while my head tried to unscrew itself from my shoulders.. until my boss told me to go and sit in a dark conference room. that seriously helped. I can see now.. but my head is trying to die. stupid death.

i had a bad dream last night. I think it was a home invader dream. those are scary.

talib kweli is good.

i am unable to install freebsd for the life of me. wtf. label editor.. heh.. I am a lamer

tonight matiss and I juggle at the abbey pub with the superstars of love. hopefully it will RULE.