So on thursday I got really bored and made a false profile for a christian dating service. It is really lame.. however we made a funny profile. unfortunantly it deleted the best part. I was so sad. :( here is an excerpt:

When I was a younger lad, I unfortunately witnessed a crime of passion that changed my life forever. Finding my mother in bed with our gardener caused me to reject the life of sin that had been a part of my life up until that point. I read a bunch of theological texts and realized that I was not too late to change my ways. In my 15th year I started going back to church. Since then I have attempted to contribute and participate in my Christian community every chance I get.
So anyway. I haven’t been to work since thrusday.. which in turn meant that I haven’t been on the computer since then. My parents came and visited. it was a lot of fun. we ate a lot. and walked a bunch. we went to a number of rather good resturants. I like it when they visit.. I really enjoy my family. we don’t put a lot of stock into the generic part of family vacations.. the tourist part. so we just hang out and chill.

boy oh boy.. this is crazy.
i thought the movie 28 days later was good. the minimalism reminded me a lot of funny games(which you should all see), it was painful to wait for things to happen. I loved how choppy the action was. I thought it really showed the rage that the “zombiespossessed.