So there is this new movie out called whole which is about Body Integrity Identity Disorder - or the want to become a amputee. I haven’t seen it - however it will probably be interesting. we have seen this stuff before, but not to such an extent as outlined in the movie or in this article. I think that this stuff is insane. I did like how lalala talked about the socialization of a psycological condition. it made me wonder about all this nonsense. is it socialized in people.. or has it always been this way. if it socialized - I don’t think it invalidates the affliction, just makes it more difficult to handle.

i don’t know much about psychology.

so you think that the end of the world is coming? if it is - I want to be notified by voicemail. If it does come.. maybe we will be lucky and have these people as our leaders. well wait… those are our leaders now. doh! I love how now after gulf war redeux.. everyone is going crazy cuz the U.S. was wrong about weapons of mass destruction. it seem that everyone in the whitehouse is attempting to show how they are not to blame. even the british are attempting to “right” things. everyone should not like bush. I find it wierd how he is taking what little power the U.S. worker has away from the individual worker and placing the decisions for overtime, healthcare and all that into the hands of the corp. to bad we are not a mild-socialistic country like some of those weirdo’s in europe.. eh

the other day I read the newwest harry potter book. it was big. I was able to complete it in one sitting(granted an 11 hour sitting). I really liked it. I hate reading them so quickly and when they first come out.. cuz then you have to wait 3 more years or so for the next one. doh. alas.. I love the harry potter universe however.. I want to be a wizard.

this weekend should be fun. a bunch of parties tonight. programming and maybe fischerspooner tomorrow. and hopefully hanging out with new people and then my old faithfuls.. heh.