So today I got up.. got right to work. did a little bit of financial planning.. played with bank statements and suddenly noticed a very large charge from sprintpcs. so I called them and they suck. really. they suck so so much. they alleged that I received two phones, started a new service contract and then canceled. thus invoking about $600 of charges. So I talked to them and they have a different “story” on what happened and refuse to refund 400 of the 600. fuckin sweet. so angry. increidbly angry. I hate them. they are sooooooo frustrating.

so last night I saw fischerspooner again. it was fun.

i am tired. there is not enough time in the day. it is annoying. I need like 10 more hours. and some more money. and a girlfriend. and a nice condo. and about 2 years of vacation. thanks.