oh yea. this weekend. hmm.. well one of the past three days.. I fell asleep listening to Sunn 0)) (a very sludge doom metal sound). anyway.. I was listening to them.. well really sleeping to them.. and my dreams were infused with chaos. I had three very violent war dreams in quick succession. All three took place in my grandfathers hometown. The first was about being invaded and put into a camp.. I was made to march all around with all my friends and relatives. how fun. I think we were rather abused. I had to stop this dream. it got ugly. the second dream.. was just like the first.. but we knew about the previous dream.. and we acted and reacted accordingly. it was a lot more fun. and then the third was much more on our side. it was a much more fun dream to have. we ran about and hid from the evil. I attribute it all to doom metal.

on friday night I hung out with marcia.. and we.. well.. oh we went to this house with a bunch of artists and chilled. it was nice. they were really cool. and then I went to a rather poor party. it wasn’t too bad. but the dj we walked in on was poor.. then it got really good. and then it was toruble. heh. so we left. I slept and on saturday.. I went to lula with matiss and then walked around.. adn then played quake a bit.. and then went to a performance.. and then went home and played quake a bit. and then did work. and then on sunday I got up did work. went to lula. played. did work. watched simpsons and bonzai..

bonzai was interesting. I don’t quite know what to think. on one hand it is rather racist and not breaking down barriers. but then on the other hand - it is really funny. I loved most of the skits. they are quite something. so I am not sure where I stand. they play up the engrish thing quite a bit… but whatever.. maybe I will decide later..

right now however.. I am waiting for a new album from dimmu borgir.. I am excited. I got tix to see them in november. now that is planning.

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