as per usual.. a bunch of stuff is happening…

North Korea has given a date to the U.S. to resolve its problems with N. Koreas nuclear arms.. woah.. I guess we should really learn about earth before the N. koreans and the U.S. blow it up..

the weapons inspector from the U.K. that killed himself.. is shown in a tape criticising blair’s need for evidence to support his false claim of WMD in Iraq.

heh.. and even Bill Clinton is siding with Bush about his apparent mistake in the state of the union. wtf. didn’t he lie.. I guess clinton is just happy that bush really is in a free fall..

so there is this attacker in wicker park.. it is insane.. but apparently the police released a report that stated that the attacked looked like ice cube.. ice cube isn’t very happy.

here is some interesting furniture.. angela jolie should probably get some.. furniture..
these are the missiles which supposedly killed the Hussein sons.
Scientists are saying that we should all become vegan… so sad