I love alex chiu. he cracks me up so much. So I signed up to be an affiliate and I was able to achieve the required 80 clicks in no time flat. and I received my pair of eternal life rings a couple months ago. I lent them to my friend chris.

phunktoad : what happened to your rings for eternal life
linUXkilla : hey did you ever try those eternal life rings
ashtar1999 : not yet. I was afraid I’d put them on backwards and die
phunktoad : thats a valid point

tee hee. so anyway. I just remembered that I still have people clicking the link and I checked my number and it is like 800 or something. so I ordered some more. I ordered the fancy pair and then two pairs of the not so fancy pairs. hehe. it will RULE all. i will live FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER