so yesterday I read two books. it was madness. I just needed that stimulation I guess..

first I read Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. It was pretty good. a very nice read. I felt that it was similar to those science/medical fiction books that are use a hihg base level of knowledge about the subject… the jargon I guess.. however Brown’s book is about catholicism, the vatican and such.. which makes it really fun to read - since I studied all of that crap in college. I guess it is like a trashy novel for an intellectual history/history of cathalocism buff.. hehe. I am going to start his other book: the davinci code next.
Soon after I finished Angels & Demons.. I did a bit of work.. and then needed to SLEEP. so to chill myself out I started reading Bringing Down the House. this is a book about MIT students who used math and such to develop a sure fire way to count cards. it was fun. quick easy. but it left a bit of the nitty gritty out of the story. I wanted to hear about the strippers.. and all the nastiness of vegas. it was insane though. I am always interested in stories where ultra young people because uber rich. ;)

so.. having stayed up til 4 reading books. ugh. I am now tired. oh so tired. need caffeine

apparently Audreyhacking is featured in this book. BUY IT!!