seriously.. it was incredible. I finally was able to get my cyberarts book. it is so funny to be in a fancy book. I mean I know I won, but I didn’t expect it to be such a fancy book. or a book that was actually at a store… and real. it is weird. I look at my picture and am like.. woah.. I am famous. haha. well not really.. but sorta. heh.

tonight I went to spybar and as I left. I saw this HUGE pole fall onto incoming traffic at the 90/94 on ramp on ontario. it was INSANE. a HUGE pole. it crashed and went accross the ENTIRE street. so of course I ran over there to survey the damage. right as we ran (me and some homeless guys) a couple cars jumped the pole and crashed. it was insane. so we got to the pole and all traffic was stopped. so we grabb ed the pole and four of us pulled it out of the street. then I caught a cab and came home.

i am a member of a table of contents. I am on page 46.
today I also got my first issue of metal rules magazine. it rules.

i have been saying awesome… way tooo much.