so last night when I went out with bernie, his friend phil and hiromi.. we fire my laser pointer to the top of the john hancock antennae. It was crazy. It totally was visible. Totally. I am a valley girl apparently. I can?t wait for it to get dark. I love the dark. Dark like a wolf.

Laser pointer stats:

Standard Red laser pointer: 650nm wavelength; <5mW; range up to 1,500 ft (457.2 m) in darkness
My Green laser pointer: 532 nm wavelength; <5mW; range up to 9,000 ft (2600 m) in darkness
9000 ft is 1.7045455 miles

So this afternoon. I am supposed to go visit a friend of a friend of mine on one of the tall ships… at the tall ship festival. I guess I am to check out the schooner Denis Sullivan.. . we shall see. this week has been full of meeting people I don’t really know. it rules. I love it.

The U.S.A. foreign policy makers RULE. did you hear me RULE!!!!