i love Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz. it is so fun to listen to . the energy level is very high. I wish I had a low rider or an escalade with dubs… serious. I would love to roll hard in an escalade listening to crunked up dirty south.. that is one of my many dreams. another one is to have an M5 and roll with maiden everywhere I went. someday I suppose.

i love sitting at work listening to aggressive music. it always cracks me up - cu zi can’t sit still. I am always bouncing.. bounce bounce bounce. or head banging. haha. umm. just kidding. I have totally been caught too. it is always embarrasing. but whatever.

our country is madness right now. I don’t understand it. how did the US become insane. we have a real chance of a chemical weapon attack, the government released info about firebombing iraqis.. california is losing its mind.. and the democrats are dying.. what happened to people reading. why is this a reality. and why is shit like happening more and more often.
speaking of reading… I have been reading book sby dan brown. I don’t know about him.. but it is fun.

oh yea. this isn’t scary at all

i may have stopped making sense again