yesterday I had won some tickets to go and see a sneak preview of the movie swat. I was kinda excited - because I really enjoy colin farrell. So we showed up and bam. it was sold out. so we were stuck downtow with nothign to do. so we went and ate at rezas. I love feta cheese. I do.

miriam was there which was cool. I hadn’t seen her in about 6 months. it was nice to see her. she was worried cuz she said her english is bad.. but it is still pretty good. I had forgotten how small she was.

after dinner we went to my house and hung out on my back porch. it was nice. I played with my laser and was able to hit the clouds. it was madness. the clouds!!! they were low.. but I was still able to hit them. I can’t wait for my telescope to arrive.