heh. so this irc channel has totally made for fun times. I hooked up this to log everything and especially links.. hehe. it rules. but whatever. the only problem is that it doens’t log the bot - which will be annoying.. especially when we play trivia.. which you are all invited to participate in. btw.. trivia rules.

this weekend.. was dope. we hung out in wicker park for this crazy block party. it was not as good as other block parties I have been too - but their were a lot of dope people. some good bands.. a good dj.. yea know.. lavi had a fashion show.. it was good stuff.. indeed

after this - we went to the kill hannah show and hung out. Kill hannah is a fun band to see in concert. the crowd LOVES them. LOVES with a capital G. anyway.. after the show we went to watusi and chilled out. <a href=http://nata2.info/?path=pictures%2Fparties%2Fkill_hannah_afterparty&img=kill%20hannah%20afterparty%20013.jpg">tommie was spinning.. after watusi we went to harry’s velvet room for some DJ action.. as you can see.. it was a gooooood party.

today matiss and I juggled for a kids bday party. it was nice.. kids. are sometimes mean.. but these kids were great. a couple of them were very intelligent. heh.