so today on IRC my friend clock was attacked by a group iof hooligans who flooded her off and stole her nick. they then came back to start trouble. and trouble was started. we made fun of the channels this one guy was on:

#ryan1918 #Radio+ #god.hates.fags #concepthosting #whipcream #novascotia #metal #linux-help #kozekanal #b?smoen #chatlife and then kicked him. he got mad and DOSd my box. after 10 minutes of not being able to get to my box. everything popped back to life. so I messaged him to find out what/how much it took - etc etc.

[xy_goat] hey I got a serious q for you.. if you want..
[bare`] k
[xy_goat] you just hit my box rather hard.. right?
[bare`] not really
[xy_goat] how hard?
[bare`] 3mb/sec
[xy_goat] nice
[bare`] did it drop?
[xy_goat] was it distributed or just box to box
[bare`] some what both ways
[xy_goat] it didn't allow connections in but didn't leave
[bare`] I dont think that is your real ip
[xy_goat] which ip did you use
[xy_goat] that is awesome btw
[bare`] what?
[xy_goat] why don't you think it is my real ip
[bare`] becuz
[bare`] it wasnt responding for more than 10min
[bare`] and you didnt die
[xy_goat] haha.
[xy_goat] yea. that is why it is awesoem
[bare`] maybe if I leave it on and go to school
[bare`] you will drop :p
[xy_goat] I would drop
[xy_goat] don't do that btw. I would be sad
[xy_goat] ;)
[xy_goat] how old are you..
bare` is away: school
So it appears I took a bit of bandwidth. but my nick stayed connected - which obviously surprised him (and me). it just got very very lagged. ah the joys of colo. and what a surprise that he is in school. anyway..