So yesterday was nuts. I got up made sure I was packed for nyc and went to work. at work - I was whisked away on a cruise around lake michigan for employee appreciation day. We got free food - expensive drinks and generally had a nice time. I got to meet some of the new young people. I think we are going to start a young person club. it will be pretty dope I think… then at 2:00 or so we left.. I walked to the blue line.. went home.. grabbed my stuff.. taunted my brother over the phone.. went to o’hare and flew to pittsburgh. I hate flying non direct. I always forget.. but whatever.

then I got into nyc at around 11. I went to tommie and marks place and putzed around with them for about an hour and then we went to this club called passerby. whew. it is insanity. it had a light up floor. and drinks. it is also full of craziness. seriously. mark got beat up by amjad and chris.. weird.. heh.. and everyone was nuts. I got into a bed around 7ish. hehe. it was a long day. I had been up for 24 hours.. well not really - if you don’t count the time difference it will have been 24 hours.. whatever.

tonight.. umm.. apparently there is a party for xlr8r and lizzie?? from fischerspooner is having a virgo-fest.. both of which should be interesting.. oh yea. interesting. but yea

nyc is rather dope. I wonder if it will be my next step. nobody knows. I like chicago. but chicago pales in comparison to nyc. but I like my job and don’t really want to leave the comfortable roomates and all that. besides it is kinda expensive. actually I think the housing is really expensive. sad day. maybe I can convince hiromi and matiss to move her.. adn then convince worldbook to also move here. hahaha.. nobody knows..