This time with a twist. So today sucked. seriously. nothing went rigth. stupid script kiddies were attacking my servers. syn flooding my mail server, flooding my IRC clients. etc. etc. I got bad news from every corner.. lalala. and I was without sleep. I figured that I had got about 8 hours of sleep since last thursday. well looks like tonight I am gunna be a winner - and not get any sleep AGAIN. stupid sleep.

well I got back from NYC late sunday night. it ruled. on saturday - we went to those parties and generally helled about nyc. it ruled. here are the pictures. heh. quite something really. I enjoyed nyc so much. I will need to go back soon. about the pictures: mike showed up and then got hurt. tommie was insane.. and ready to fight.. lavi looked good.. amjad ruled.. the only question I have is what is tommie doing?? seriously.. I don’t know what is happening. I remember the apartment.. and I don’t remember how he could have got up that high without something fishy happening..

need sleep.