The blue line is madness. in the past couple days crazy stuff has gone down. most of it is just crazies interacting with the normals. hehe. today this guy was ranting and raving and another guy tried to settle him down. so the reacted very negatively to that.. and told everyone on the train that he doesn’t “interact with homosexuals” and that he “has a spaceship and raygun from god.” He also claimed that he was a pro baseball player for the detroit tigers and that mariah carey was his second baseman. heh. the said thing is - that everyone tried to call him by confrontation. nobody attempted to actually calm him. they just yelled and antagonized. I don’t know what else they would do. but when everyone ignored him. he didn’t react.

heh. I get old lady spam. most of it is about locksmithing and candles. I get NO porn spam. weird.