So this weekend was rather nice. On friday, some friends and I went and saw once upon a time in mexico. it was really fun. I love johnny depp. there was a lot of crazy violence. it was insane. blown knees and all. then hiromi, lavi and I went to dinner. hiromi and I went and visited marcia - but we were all so tired. so we went home. I was asleep by 12 oclock on friday. it ruled. I slept until way late on saturday and then went to my friend bryans for a bbq. I love bbqs. they seem to bring out a lot of fun in people. I had these little 7oz miller high life bottles that were the hit of the party. that night was coles party.. so we had primer margaritas, polishing off the remaining petron, and got ready to go. Coles party was really great. there were an ass load of people there.. and it ended up being super dope. a worlds colliding type of dope. here are some pictures.. here are more. The party didn’t really stop until early early in the morning. it was fun. a bunch(2) of coworkers were there.. it was great. sunday… I just chillled out. watched old school. played server. etc etc.

i also.. won fantasy football. total chance.