is such a hippie that he is concerned about that “fad” called global warming. apparently some big chuck of ice broke and now everyone is all scared. it is supposed to be some proof that global warming is real. But nobody knows for sure. I guess we need proof. It is a good thing our government is looking out for us.. oh and I love bush. I will just mark global warming as one of the many many things that scares the hell out of me. I will also put it on my list of things the government is readily screwing up. also on that list is:

freedom of a lot of things, patent law, religious rights, copyright law, social security, big business tax exemptions, rich centric tax laws, gulf war 1, gulf war 2, stupid small wars 1-200, contra this contra that, echelon, enron, making iraq into vietnam part 2, patriot act, patriot act two, george bush, literacy, say no to drugs, rumsfeld, ashcroft, ridge and their various scandals, halliburton, putting more than 200 FBI agents on the investigation of President Clinton, not returning phone calls to flight schools in Florida, giving 245b to afghanistan - being surprised when bin laden blew shit up, social security, health care, reproductive rights, god in our government, george bush, george bush, george bush, destroying poor people, gay marriage(lack of), wait.. gay anything, the constitution, death penalty, racism, ghettoization of america, fcc regulations, support of dictators around the world, bombing of soverign states, installing previously mentioned dictators, interment camps, camp xray, being intimidated by C.U.B.A., being ultra nationalistic, ruby ridge, negative reacting foreign policy, waco, terrorism, public education about terrorism, public education, vouchers, breaking south korea/north korea peace talks, isreal/palestine peace talks, kyoto agreement, breaking treaty after treaty, breaking test bans, lieing, lieing, lieing, lieing when caught lieing, the election 2000, florida, jeb bush, polution, anthrax and finally our lives.
anyway.. yea. so we should all be scared. register to vote NOW.

soo last night I was having a hell of a time getting to sleep. it just wasn’t happening.. so about 2:15 I am about to fall asleep and my stupid below neighbors start blasting 97.1 the drive. now I am way into classic rock. just not the 2:30-4 oclock seciton I heard last night. jesus. wtf. and it was really loud. so needless to say - I didn’t get much sleep. I was so very mad. and now I am so very sleepy. how nice. btw.. I am once again sweating profusely. doesn’t my body realize that I am cold. stupid fever.

oh yea.. before I forget: Dear spammers, I am not interested in your discrete overnight pharmacy. thanks, harper