George Bush is an awesome president. America has lost 3.3 million jobs since Bush took office. In August, more than 93,000 jobs disappeared. 41 million Americans have no health insurance. (4 out of 5 of them are in working families.) This is the 29th month of the Bush recession. Right now, there are more than 9 million Americans who are looking for work. Bush has the worst jobs record of any president since Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression. More jobs lost than the last 11 presidents combined. I am so excited for his second term. I stole these stats from some site. I don’t remember which.

i am tired. I go to sleep at a reasonable time. but I just can’t get rested. maybe I need ambien. hah. maybe I need some datura. that would certainly change things. ok time to get busy. I keep losing friendsters. today I lost nic? but I can’t remember who nic is - so I guess it doesn’t matter. ;)

at the metro the other night.. I gave my bling to some cute girl. I swear.. cute girls could ask me for my leg and I would cut it off and hand it to them. but I gave it to her.. and I didn’t get it back. I hope I find her again. she seemed cool and she was really cute. ;)