Ted Turner is not doing his part to stop my irrational fear of apocalypse. Someday I hope to start an apocalypse cult. I feel it will be fun. I mean - what is better than living in fear with 75 close friends. You don’thave to worry about silly things like possessions or whatnot. just fear. it will rule.

Colin Farrell Rules. Seriously. but not as much as this. I need to get back into legos. I relaly want to buy a three bedroom condo. so I can have one room be my “work room” with all my computers and legos. it would rule. I would then, if it was a townhouse or single family home, extend self expression to my yard. it would crack me up.. I would probably use more skulls than colored circles. but you get the idea.

i always wonder why super rich people don’t give a lot of their money to charities. especially people who purport to have come from poor poor situations in the past. The Hip-Hoppers are starting to do it. Jay-Z just announced that he is retiring and starting some new charities. P-diddy also seems to be interested in being a philanthropist. I am interested in being a philanthropist.