so everyday for the past couple days I have been meaning to update my site. but I keep getting interupted or cool stuff happens and I am like ahh.. “later."

soo.. on thursday my friends and I went to brujeria at the aragon. it was incredible. the concert was apparently a mexican death metal festival - so there were a lot of bands. we got there at like 7 and the brujeria didn;t start until 12. I was tired. but the show was soo awesome. brujeria has a “hit” song called “matando gueros” which in english means “kill whitey.” heh. it was pretty strange. but the band is so good. so it didn’t matter.

Mike left on friday. it was pretty fun to have him around. on friday hiromi an I hung out and went to a phillip glass show koyaanisqatsi at the chicago theatre. it was quite nice. kinda silly.. that minimalist crap is silly. but I liked it. and then we went to a middled eastern resturant called souk. it ruled. there was a belly dancer and a live band.. and rather good food. it was nice. I love good food. then we went to a couple parties.

on saturday I slept in and then went shopping.. I couldn’t really find anything so I gave up and went home.. but I found hiromi on the way home and we hung out.. then.. last night matiss, lenore, mark and myself all went to my friend james’ party. it was a funny party. we then went to the signature lounge and attempted to have dessert. heh. it didn’t work out. cuz.. they stop serving dessert after 12. stupid signature lounge..

ahhh.. now it is time to start another week. wheee..