ahh.. irc.. how I love you. so all of a sudden irc is worried about accountability and reputation.. wtf. anyway.. I said would not that #ryan1918 was apparently not involved in the person who packeted my box. so here it is.. :

[14:17] (xygoat) but I will note it.
[14:17] (ryan19188) at least say, #ryan1918 had nothing to do with the packeting or something.

besides.. I would think that if he is worried about reputation.. he would be more worried about the serbian trojan/virus which downloads a payload from a dir called ryan1918. whatever.. I understand where he is coming from.. it is just like a city though.. you don’t let other peoples shit affect you.. if I get ddosd by a bunch of punks.. than I do.. it isn’t his fault.. nor is it the fault of #novascotia. but whatever..

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