stupid media
so gorbachev has called Bush’s decision to invade Iraq a mistake. wow, that is a surprise. I wonder why it matters when gorbachev says it.. but doesn’t matter when the citizens of the US say it. one thing that really pisses me off is that bush is all hot and bothered about national health care for IRAQ and the US is in them midst of a health care crisis and bush is rejecting any possible solution. that makes me mad.
hopefully people will start to notice that Bush is a bit insane and that his staff is just as sketchy as any previous presidential staff. I think it is funn y that the “liberal media” often calls bush a liar. if he truely lied that much don’t you think the american people would notice?? well they don’t notice things like.. the crazy war we are in and how bush totally screwed it up… but then again.. the climate of the world has gotten so much better since we liberated iraq. and it is a good thing we did it then.. cuz you never know what might have happened!!

in other news.. my brother is coming tomorrow night.. which means I should really make a reservation to heat. now I just have to assess how many people are going to come. I am excited for the weekend. we will have fun I think. hopefully he remembers to bring his arms ;)