Friday I about died from hunger. I got home from work.. .actually .. I didn’t really get home form work. I went straight to atomix coffee shop and met dylan and hiromi.. also.. rachel, hans, marcia and nicole were all there. so it was awesome. we then hurried home and went to heat. heat was intense. we got a live fish and a bunch of really good sushi. I think that it was good. but it wasn’t worth the price the extra money they asked. I think it might have been better if we had gone to sushi wabi… but the live fish was AWESOME. it was insane. we watched it die.. and then we ate it 20 minutes later. heh. crazy. dylan LOVED it.

on saturday we hung out and had GREAT italian food. Meghan visited and it was very nice to see her. dylan was really funny.. so we played a good trick on him.. hehe.

today.. we got up late.. got lunch and juggled near the lake.. then we went to marks house and played dinner.

now it is time for sleep…. ahhhhhhhh… sleeeeeeeep…