The other day a friend lent me one of the CKY videos. I watched it.. and laughed.. and whatever.. so I thought today that I should do a little searching about cky and all related info. so I came accross bam’s page. I was browsing it.. and came accross the interview page. it is funny.. but the real interesting part is his fashion tip: rock tight black gear but spray paint it mist of white so it looks dirty. this is interesting.. cuz on one of my sites a couple years ago.. me and a friend decided to mock the scenester lifestyle and create a list of things to do to become a rock and roll scenester. we actually made them up.. so chekc out number 14: Buy tight black clothes but spray paint it a mist of white so it looks dirty. hehe. very similar. weird eh. so I did a google search to find whether I inadvertantly stole that phrase (here and here). the phrase only appears in bam’s interviews and my website. wtf. this is so confusing. how did this happen? I will never know. dylan left yesterday.. we had a good time. this week I am staying in. attempting to recoup my losses. I still want to convert cripple smash to php. it would rule.