So I get bored every once and awhile and I want to “hack” stuff. so lately I have been into hacking the ps2 and the tivo. I just ordered a tivo to hack and I just got my “key” to the ps2 world. so yesterday I burnt a couple disks to test out my set up. and wham it worked. I was able to boot the ps2linux rescue disk. however, the HD is not formatted so I wasn’t able to boot BBnav. I attempted to format it.but I was sleepy and didn’t really want to deal with it. so I went to bed. so tonight. I am going to attempt to format the hard drive.. install bbnav and then boot bbnav. I should also be getting my usb 2 usb cable to modify the save files on the memory card so I can boot right into bbnav.. without a boot disk..

i cannot wait.. for the tivo to come. it should be a fun game. I will install a new HD.. set up tivo web and then write some fancy tcl apps to manipulate the tivo. I really want to be able to view the current weather and other pertitent info.. like my friends weblog RSS files from the tivo. someday!!! SOMEDAY!!