However.. this time is a lot more pleasant. All I do is get tired when I run over 1 mile and sleep when I lay in my bed. oh.. and I also have the sniffles. but I am going to take some medicine.. and a E-merge-ENC-E. it will be a nice cocktail.

So us IT workers have been complaining to the building manager that we need mountain dew in our damned pop machine. he just looks at us and laughs. until now. this morning mountain dew appeared where the fruit punch used to be.. however.. it is a ruse.. because when you stick in your hard earned $0.40 a fruit punch comes out. infernal machines.. always tricking us humans.

last night I went to sushi samba. it was good.. but expensive. the atmosphere was interesting.. the clientel seemed to be all coked out of their minds.. and mostly suits. it was annoying. but the place is incredible looking inside.

the most important thing to happen recently is launching my new website: that is right. I am part of a group that owns the sun. WE OWN THE SUN. it is exciting to be one of the largest land owners in the world/universe. we have some great sponsorship and we love the world.