So today.. I was watching cky4 hanging out with mark and matt.. waiting to goto juggling club.. and as soon as we should have left for juggling club.. I got a call from derek exclaiming that my server wasn’t responding. so I immediately called my lovely colo facility and mentioned to them that I needed my server rebooted. so they rebooted it.. and it came back up.. the women I was talking to mentioned that I was receiving an insane amount of traffic on port 80 from a huge number of ips.. so she told me an ip - which I looked up in my access logs and noticed that the particular ip was downloading the 160mb war video on so I looked at the log file and noticed that it was 80mb in 5 days. and that almost ALL the requests were for the 160mb video.. and that they all came from this specific website. which linked to my file. which also.. apparently was mentioned on howard stern. so a link to my website.. for a 160mb file was mentioned on a nationally syndicated talk show. wtf. so I made a clever file to combat the bandwidth stealers.. .. that will slow the bandwidth right now.. but we shall see how it goes.. hehe..
i rule