This weekend was insane. as you may be able to tell from the crazy blog entries. I was a madperson. So.. on saturday I went to quad cities juggle fest. it was a lot of fun. I hung out with mark and some nice jugglers from carleton college. we juggled a bunch. I love juggling with little kids - who are as good as I am. hah. at five or so I went to the theatre with mark.. and hung out with the performers a bit. then derek and kevin came and we got dinner. after dinner was the show which we watched. After the show we went to Mt. Vernon(where my alma mater is) and hung out. I hung out with derek and his gf(who is really cool) and generally chilled out. While at the bar I ran into a really old friend who I hadn’t really hung out with since 6th or 8th grade. we all left the bar and helled about campus - drinking on tarr roof, hangin out in the dorms and just generally causing a ruckus. it was fun. I then made my way back to derek’s gfs house - where we were staying. I woke up at 11:30 or 12 and we headed back to the quad cities. I juggled a bit and yoyoed a bunch. mark and I headed out and I got back to chicago aruond 10.

at 10 I had a meeting for work. this is where the craziness started. my coworkers and I met from 10pm until 3:30am. at this time it was decided that I should go to the office and fix some shit. so I went to the office. I coudln’t figure out how to turn the damn lights on( I finally figured it out). and I attempted to fix shit. so then I met with everyone from 8-2:30. I got home at 3 and crashed until 7:30am this morning. and that is where I am now. a bit weak from not eating.. but generally rested.

so in summary.. I worked 18hrs straight and then slept 17hrs. I rule.

I got my tivo last night.. so hopefully I will be playing with it tonight. I gotta figure it out though.