On saturday night, matiss and I went to bubba ho-tep. it was really great. chris said it was perfect - and I have to partially agree with him. it was damned close. all I knon is that now being monday morning.. I am ready for some A C T - I O N. ;)

i am really sleepy last night. for some reason I just didn’t sleep well. stupid well.

i am reading a book called “With Charity Toward None: A fond look at misanthropy.” it isn’t very good. it appears that the author is just bitter and immature (and well read, and eloquent :P). It is like reading a teenage diatribe on why no one understands them - however she is remarkably eloquent.

btw - my blogging style has gone all to hell. wtf. I can’t keep a straight thought for the life of me. I jump all around and forget the initial scope for my entry. I attribute this to the busy-ness of my mind and my internal dialog being totally screwed up. but whatever. I imagine soon it will be beter - once my finances are solid again and I am able to grasp what exactly is happening around me ;)