This morning was awesome. I really feel that getting up leisurely at 10:30 is a healthy way to live. last night I attempted to stay up late to help with work stuff. but I onlly made it to about 3:30ish.. I was bummed out. I had planned to stay up late. but I didn’t get a chance to take my much needed afternoon nap. I suppose I could have used this opportunity to start doing cocaine ;) hahah. umm.. yea.. anyway.. I ended up breaking my tivo again. I really am not good at the tivo. I get it to work. and then immediately break it. all I want to do is get it really solid. but nooooooooooooooooooo. god hates me. well god.. I hate you.

a couple days ago I found an old friend from high school on the ol interweb. it is always funny finding stuff like this. you never expect it. anyway.. he is a computer nerd as well and does blog stuff.. he mentioned that I should start pinging all the blog sites(, and So I found a good script to start our with and I modified it to be a bit more useful for my blog software (i really didn’t do anything but make it work with the other sites :P). and BAM. it shoudl be working. so this is my official.. or maybe unofficial test of whether it works or not. ready. I am about to save and hit publish. !!! eep