So on friday I went out to eat with my friend hilary and my roomie hiromi. we went to irazu. it was great. we then went to mark’s gallery opening. it was nice and small. chris called and we then went to sushi wabi to meet felix and friends for food. I lvoe sushi wabi. jill was working so I “rsvp’d” to her thanksgiving invite. it should be great. I am excited. anyway.. we then caravaned our way to crobar where felix jumped on the decks. hehe. I met derek there and we hung out with him and his gf. it was quite nice to see them. they left.. and I hung out with some cool cats. here are the pictures.

on saturday we hung out and played around and eventually made it to dinner at bouna terra with a bunch of friends. it was really nice to see my friend anna. I haven’t seen her in a long time so it was rather nice to see her. we then went and saw elf. elf was great. a lot of people think it I am insane to have seen it. however. I think it was awesome. quite funny. stupid naysayers. heh. damn matiss! so we then headed over to a party by the empty bottle. it was a great party. a bunch of people I enjoy were there. it was a fun fun time. I went home kind of early and did a small amount of work.. and went to bed.

so sunday.. we went to marks house to do some video work for our new project.