It is a lot of fun. I got a Sony Ericsson T610 from tmobile. as you probably know I was way into sprint phones for awhile. and I recently used the new number portability rule to switch from sprint to tmobile. it was relatively painless - but I spent to much on the phone. btw. bluetooth RULES. I have it so I always sync my phone when I walk into my room. I also have made it turn off my computer when the phone leaves ;) it rules. I can be watching TV in my living room playign on my laptop and have the phone msg my laptop that I have received a call. I think I might be able to write a bluetooth app that sends the call to display on my tivo. that woudl rule. heh. so much ;). I will be release some hacks and such for the phone in the next couple weeks. I have created 4 themes and will continue pumping stuff out as time passes - one of two things I have planned is to make an app that allows you to send any supported file to the phone via MMS. the the other thing is to make a app in perl that will parse and email from the phone and post a picture. that way I can just email pictures as I go and I don’t have to save them ;). it will rule. I can create a photolog from my phone. I rule.

my parents flew in yesterday and we had a relaly nice thanksgiving meal at rezas. it ruled. I was very pleased. we then went back to the hotel and played scrabble. a great way to spend time with my parents. I have been seeing them a lot and will continue to. my father is havign surgery on the 9th so I will be in colorful colorado from the 5th to the 15th. it will be nice. but I will be VERY busy - which sucks. I am goign to have to figure out how to work from home. I imagine I will be using my laptop a BUNCH. I will have to wardrive greeley ;) doh.

i really need to sleep. I went to crobar a couple nigths ago and didn’t get home until 6:30. it was a nice time. I will possibly post pictures later.