here is my new cell phone specs. here is the start to the mms photolog program. it is a bit complicated. stupid blogs ;) I will be putting all the pictures I take here. I love cell phones.. they are my friends and companions forever. someday I will have fancy cell phone/wifi robot friends who will be rightful property owners.

on saturday my parents left. I was sad. but I get to go and see them soon. which will be nice. I will be in colorado for a week - then I will be back in chicago for a week. then back in colorado. I think…. anyway.. on saturday my friends and I were bored… so I went and bought a gamecube and a couple of fun party games. The best part about it all is the wireless controllers - seriously.. so awesome. next is the broadband connector.. then with the help of phantasy star.. freedom.. and a homebrew dev system ;)

now off to the apple store with hiromi.. wheee

oh right I gotta do stuff later ;) I love later