On the LNP day last month i immediately ported from sprint to t-mobile. I had been with sprint for 4 years and was appreciative of their “3g” technology. but after gettgin completely screwed one too many times i decided to switch. I had a tough time figuring out which provider to go with, although i had narrowed the phone down to the t610.

I really liked the look and shape of the t610. the technology was right, the price was right and it was supported by a bunch of providers. so i called around and originally planned on going with cingular. it is supported by my work and would be convienient to get a number from work for use in a phone. however - i was annoyed by paying a bundle for data and was attracted to t-mobiles unlimited data plan for 19.95/month. so i went with t-mobile. in retrospect it seems to be a good decision.

so i called t-mobile and initiated the port. this was 11/24 so they were quite busy and didn’t have the computers up to take the port info. so they wrote it down on paper. i waited the 24hrs. when i came into work the next day my phone had arrived and i was on my way. but i wasn’t yet ported. my sprint phone still worked. so i called tmobile again and i talked to a porting women who told me that no body had submitted my port to the “port authority” and that it wasn’t real yet. so she took all the info and initiated the port. by 5 oclock that day i was able to call on the tmobile network - but i wasn’t able to recieve calls on the tmobile net. by 8 i was able to do both.

So far i have enjoyed tmobile. sprint has a much better website and the cdma2k or whatever is a lot faster than the gprs. but bluetooth owns. i really appreciate the fact that most GSM providers are standards based.

now i am ready for the fun.