I really like the idea of mobile blogging and haven’t been too keen on using my keypad to do an entry on my blog. A friend showed me his moblog that he made using his 3650 and i thought that it couldn’t possibly be that hard to create a similar thing using the mms message sent from the phone. As far as i can tell - the mms message is composed of fancy headers and then the payload as an attachment.

With this in mind i started looking at anti spam and email filtering scripts and wrote a script that extracts the MIME message from an email. This wasn’t hard. so i hooked that into my blog and bam i got my own little moblog - albiet it is kinda ghetto ;)

my only complaint is the speed it takes to upload the pictures ota.

here is the link to the code. I use qmail so i had to reference the perl script in my .qmail file like:

.qmail: | /wherever/your/script/resides/MMSemailFilter.pl
It works pretty good and has been fun to use.