today I went to the doctor, hung out with my father and mother, played games, and then watched a couple of movies. it ruled.

My father is getting better rather quickly. he is off everything but his random IV or drug insertion. it is like sql but with an needle and an arm. so we hung out and joked. I played the “describe a yoyo trick and I will do it” game with my dad. of course he picked “around the neck” - which ended up with the yoyo pounding my face. it hurt ;). then we played a bunch of phase 10 and generally hung out. I am very greatdul that everything is going so well. it is too bad that he is still partially debilitated - but I am sure that will wear off shortly.
after hanging out with pops.. we went to dinner with dylan and sarah. it ruled. they are fun kids.

then my mom and myself came home and watched movies. we watched my big fat greek wedding and then I watched monsoon wedding. it was a wedding kinda night. I have decided to get married. now I need a bride. hehe.
now it is time to work. stupid computers.!!