today I get to go home. unfortunantly tomarrow I have to go back to work. it was quite nice not working - but all things must end and back to work I go. I will strangely be coming right back to chicago come friday. whee. this time hiromi will be coming so that should be fun.

my father is out of the hospital as of this afternoon. that is nice and refreshing. I am sure he is super happy to be back home - able to shower in his shower, sleep in his bed, eat his food.. etc etc. we are all very happy that it turned out well.

i am tired. I stayed up until 6:00 last night working on stuff for the save america people. it isn’t done yet. but soon. I just have to budget my time better. I didn’t do very well these past couple days. but I guess that makes since.. as I was busy with family stuff.. and such ;)

last night I picked up the alien box set.. something quadrology -heh. it rules. there are NINE dvds. it extends like 7 ft or something. I am happy. so with that, pirates of the carribean and the new LOTR: return of the king - this week is gunna rule the movies.

i have to go and shower, pack, clean, run errands for my folks.. then I gotta drive my truck (hahaha I have a truck) to the airport and fly to chicago. wheee…