So my mobile phone fascination has reached a new height. I took some spare time in the last couple days and compiled a phon/mobile/technology blog. check it out here. Hopefully it will continue to foster exciting phone stuff for my head. and make me a million dollar bills.

i doodle a lot during meetings and such. sometimes I wonder if it is annoying - but I keep doing it cuz it keeps me on track and on task.

last night I watched pirates of the caribbean again and played a BUNCH of video games. it was fun but I really needed to work more. it sucks. I sometimes hate that I am not the taskmaster I need to be. doh! stupid wondering mind. I really need to finish the cholo site and I need to finish my servers. jesus I need to finish my servers. heh. I think I am going to add trackback functionality into my blog. I really like all of the fancy features you can do with trackback and technocrati or whatever. someday. I will be a blog god. hahaha. stupid internet. never getting me a girlfriend.

i am really excited to get my ambient orb hooked up and working. I am not sure what I will have it monitor. probably homeland securitythe weather, my servers and of course my friendster messages. hahahah. wait wait. I got it. I will have it monitor the homeland security thing and ambient my tivo’s themes - which will msg my phone.. to tell me when to duck from a bomb. awesome. I rule!

i goto colorado again really soon. weird! but this time with hiromi so that will be awesome…

a friend who recently got hooked on blogs turned me onto sharpreader which really makes reading blogs fun. it uses the .net framework so it is kinda sketchy - but other than that it rules. oh yea.. rules!! check it out.