On saturday - my mom, dad and hiromi all went to the hobby shop to look for hobbies for my father. he didn’t find anything so I later went back and got him a 130 in 1 electronic experimentation kit and a fancy radio control car kit. Hopefully he won’t be bored.
Then we all went ice skating.. well we didn’t actually go ice skating - we went to an figure skating show. it was quite something. a friend of my family was in it - she was good. the figure skating was in the “natatorium.” heh. I don’t quite know if I enjoy figure skating as of yet. I imagine I will figure that out soon enough. after the figure skating.. we went to a fancy party dressed as future people.

on sunday - we all hung out around the house and cooked. we made candy and peanut brittle and all sorts of goodies. I cut myself twice on the candy.. :( but that is ok ;)

so last night I stayed up and made a opml reader - mostly cuz I wanted to be able to easily read all my favorite websites without a lot of work or even effort. so chekc it out here. it is in the same vein as the .klip maker I made. hopefully it works for all. I did notice it didn’t work for a couple. but whatever ;)

soon I will be adding trackbacks and possibly comments to this blog. maybe. maybe not.