so work is going wellish. I guess as well as work always goes. I am excited to be back. all the silliness and problems beware - I am prepared to attack ;)

so I really enjoy reading peoples blogs and now that I have discovered the love of the rss aggregators and the wonders of OPML I really appreciate all that it does for me. I was reading my morning blogs when I stumbled upon this link from joi ito about a great site called that allows a person to sumit their bookmarks to create a community bookmark list. this is coupled with the power of an rss/xml feed and wham. you get a dynamic bookmark list to browse. it is pretty fun. check out my bookmarks.

so I ordered my mother an ambient weather beacon from brookstone on the 15th of december. I thought that since the cut off for christmas shipping was the 16/18th I woudl be fine. but oh no. I wasn’t apparently they totally screwed up their oreder tracking and such and failed to notify me that they were no longer carrying the device. so when I called the 5 times from december 19-24th they kept telling me ithad been shipped. they even went so far as to tell me invalid tracking numbers. it was quite annoying. they even told me that they were able to track it on the ups website by last name(an impossibility). so finally someone said they woudl call with a tracking number on friday the 26th - which was obviously not a solution. so I gave up and was like.. whatever.
then I got home on friday, got my mail on saturday and read a letter that brookstone convieniently delivered to my billing address that they no longer carry the product. so roughly ten days after I order this product - well after it should have arrived. they notify me that they don’t carry it, on christmas eve. wtf. man I was pissed ;)
but now I get to engage in a great customer service exchange. seriously what were they thinking.

you can modify the color of my ambient device by going here. it is lame right now. but I will spruce it up in a bit. it cracks me up that it works. I wish it updated faster. I think I am goign to write a deskop client for it. ;)

i really enjoyed this movie.