to solve the problem with virus scanners and such I have relocated this spoof to here
that should work. for more info check out here or here.
weird eh..

i am tired and hungry. mostly hungry. I think tonight I am going to take the time to clean my messy room. eep. while I was showering today I thought how nice it would be to be able to have a shell on my desktop without ssh - so I almost convinced myself to buy a 12” powerbook. man I would really like one. it would be so fun. cuz then I would be able to irc from it natively with scrollz. haha. how irc has ruined my life…. oh yea.. check out the stats ;).

phillip torrone’s project to take a picture every thirty minutes turned out really cool. I wish I woudl have stuck with my idea of taking pictures of everything I ate. it didn’t really go over that well. mostly cuz the day I started I happened to be at a resturant/bar and it was more bar than resturant and I kept taking sloppy pictures. stupid pictures..

soemday I will get my new servers up.