and I have been thinking about merging them all into one of two sites. making all my personal sites have the same motif. making the blog have categories and importing all the old entries into a nifty category system. I don’t know yet. but I have been looking at some others and I noticed that a lot of them have incredible blogs.. and one of the reasons is you don’t have to jump all over the internet looking for something. maybe I will follow. then again. maybe not. I have enjoed have nata2 to myself. with no comments and all that crap. I really like having it be just a journal. but sometimes I look at other sites and I am like.. woah I could be that. hmm. I will have to evaluate this. I need another project. maybe I will get a new computer. I need to finish some smaller projects and then I will be free. ;)

i am sleepy. I will goto bed. happy new years all. did you hear its january ;)