today is good. I went to bed somewhat early last night(1am) and I got a lot of sleep. I of course had strange sleep dreams and somehow ended up tieingmy self in my blankets but that is totally normal. Last night brad, erica, matiss and myself all hung out and talked. it was fun. well the subject matter left a little to be desired.. but it wasn’t hte fault of the participants. we then played 16 tracks on mario kart and I air-zooka’d everyone. it ruled.

i got a bluetooth headset. it rules

this website is really strange. it is a statistics website about countries.. heh. you can find which country is the most murderous or which is the most taxed(btw it is insane that the peopl in the holy see are taxed an average of $232,888.89 per person. wtf.) - the best though is the country which is the most atheletic.

maybe I will get to hang out with morgan later. if not I guess I will settle for rading. hah. wtf. I am a dork I guess. wait.. I don’t guess.. I know. speaking of reading.. (am I really speaking???) - I finished my other philip k dick book: “eye in the sky.” it was fun. it was about some cats who fell and were stuck in other peoples made worlds. it was written in the 50s so communism and racism were big on the minds of everyone(versus now :P). next I am on to “wild sheep chase” by murakami. w00t.