I saw a post in friendster about sad songs - or songs that make you cry and I thought about making a mood song db. but instead I just reposted the sad song list on ironkungfu. check it out here. please add some of your own. i am going to add a del.icio.us plugin to my site soon. it should rule. then you all can see what I am lookign at. today for instance.. I looked at this amazing website about this guy who made drawings while tripping on acid. it is incredible. experiments like this make me smile. I enjoy smiling. seriously. oh oh oh my friend coles</a. site made me smile.

i love a500hacking.com. because of this wonderful site I got constantly get emails drom people I don’t konw about cell phone stuff. usually they don’t really say anything and often they are kinda funny to read.. I usually don’t respond. but I felt the need today. here is a legit email I responded to:

I do not know anything about the a600.

thanks, nata2